Hand filled fragrant soy candles made in our Lakeland workshop

Our Story

We are a small local company based in the Lake District. We work with the best fragranciers to create breath taking scents for our candles and bathroom cosmetics. We take great pride in our beautiful fragrances and frequently get complimented on the beautiful smell of our shops which you can find in Windermere and Hawkshead.


Why we use natural products...

A lot of people ask us why we have chosen to use soy wax in our candles and the answer is quite simple; it’s better for the planet. Soy wax also provides a cleaner burn for your candle and doesn’t emit toxins into the atmosphere and more importantly, your home. As a company we have decided to use only natural ingredients in our products as we are strongly against filling yourself and your homes with chemicals.

NEW FOR 2015

You can now order online and maybe choose one of our bestsellers or your own fave, we're sure you won't be disappointed. Please be sure to leave your feedback on our recommended page when you receive them... Thanks and come back soon!