Hand filled fragrant soy candles made in our Lakeland workshop

Soy Wax vs Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is used in up to 95% of candles and this is mainly because its the cheapest type of wax. We have lots of customers who ask us ‘what actually is paraffin wax?’ and the answer is pretty grim. Paraffin wax is the left over by-product from the petroleum refining process (ew yuck). We decided not to use Paraffin wax because studies have shown that when a paraffin wax candle is burnt, it produces a toxic petrol-carbon soot (double yuck) which is actually hazardous to your health…

After doing a bit of research, we actually found that paraffin wax candles contain 11 carcinogenic compounds which have been linked to cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.

Unlike soy wax candles, paraffin wax candles also burn far too quickly for our liking. So they actually end up being more expensive because they don’t last as long.

We’re not eco-warriors but we like to do our bit for the planet where we can, so using soy wax in our candles seemed like a no brainer as its 100% natural, doesn’t harm the planet or us!

However we know that some of you may be concerned about the affects of soya bean farming plantations contributing to deforestation in the Amazon. But rest assured, we made sure that our soy wax did not contribute to this by sourcing our wax from farms in Illinois, Tennessee and Idaho.

Soy wax candles are also known for having a better scent. Due to the fact that they burn slower, the scent is gradually released instead of a strong intense hit. The slow burn of soy wax also means they’re better value for money too as they last longer.

If this hasn’t converted you to a soy wax fan then we’re 100% sure trying out one of our well loved candles will.

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